How racist are you?…

The linked article posits that White millennials are only a bit less racist than their parents, really? ¬†How racist are Black millennials? or Hispanic millennials? or Asian millennials? Moreover, how racist were their parents? Quite honestly, this is the most idiotic “study” I have seen quoted by a reputable news source in some time. What if any of the data contained is quantifiable? Did they interview and test a diverse set of people from varying backgrounds and economic settings who had just had children, then come back these years later and see how the kids measured up? Of course not, they conducted a poll, which outside of flipping a coin is one of the most absurd ways to determine anything important.

Polls are notoriously inaccurate due to problems that arise from methodology, which bias samples or responses that cause the bias. For example, non-response bias; since some people do not answer calls from strangers or refuse to answer the poll, poll samples may not be representative samples from a population. Or response bias; where the answers given do not reflect true beliefs. Unscrupulous pollsters may generate a certain result or please their clients may deliberately engineer this, but more often is a result of the detailed wording or ordering of questions. Some respondents may attempt to manipulate a poll by advocating a position other than they actually hold in order to boost their side of the argument or just be lazy and give quick, ill-considered answers to end the questions.