A Long Time Until Now (Temporal Displacement Series Book 1)

My Rating: 5 of 5 stars
Read: June 13 to 21, 2015
By Michael Z. Williamson

Excellent storytelling from start to finish; however, if you are given to kneejerk reactions to dialogue without reading further then you might have some trouble as Williamson plays with people’s social triggers, but in the end his characters come out as strong individuals who are able to set aside differences and work as a team. Any weakness that develops is realistic and as he states in the book due to people getting “Army old” and wearing down. The handling of the sexual situation was realistic and had a bit of humor at times, the conversations in that regard will ring true to many veterans and the lack of violence towards females should be a surprise for those that go into these books looking for such issues.

The living conditions and capabilities were spot-on, none of the near magical ability to master ancient technology such as iron forging or even gardening that you see in some time travel books. The author’s depictions of the other time travelers and the local inhabitant’s appeared to be historically accurate, in as much as we know their behavior to have been. The depiction of the future people was also reasonable, given our current culture and high-tech dependence. There are also a few jabs at the federal bureaucracy are also included and worth a chuckle unless you work in that bureaucracy.

Overall, this was an exceptional book, more in-depth than the author’s previous work and look forward to more books if this is indeed an ongoing series. Mr. Williamson’s day-to-day politics and opinions can anger some people, but it is best to remember that the work is what is important and to that end, he has created his best work here, in this book. I would recommend this book to any Sci-Fi reader looking for thought provoking, action sci-fi.


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